Why Use Us?

  1. Reputational Risk:- In the UK today there are that many rogues operating in the lead generation market selling client data to the highest bidder. We do not sell leads, all your clients will be spoken to by a vetted and trusted adviser with all calls being recorded.
  2. Income Generation:- We are the only platform that will ensure you will be paid, whatever service your client ends up with, in fact over 50% of completions are not on the service for which they enquire, i.e. a debt consolidation loan enquiry more often than not completes as a debt management plan. You will still be paid for this enquiry. A client will always be evolving and earning for you once they are in TrumpoMatrix.
  3. Client Journey:- One of the main problems we have experienced over the years is that one man band advisory businesses just can't provide the service that most consumers expect today. All leads will be serviced by companies of substance and who have the necessary resources to provide 100% attempted contact rates. All Trumpo lead recipients must operate and integrate with us their telehone dialler and CRM systems to ensure 100% live tracking of your lead status.