Remote Form Embedding

Remote Form Embedding, or RFE, enables Originators to quickly and easily add pre-styled forms to their web site. Each form sends submissions securely into the Matrix for profiling and delivery. The RFE forms are stand-alone Matrix ready. All the Originator needs is to copy and paste some code into their CMS or web site code.

Unique Selling Points

How RFE Integration Works

Our Integration Team will contact you or your Web Master to discuss where you want to put the RFE forms and what type of RFE forms you require. We will then generate two snippet's of code for each RFE form; one to load the RFE library and another to tell the RFE engine where to show the RFE form.

Once these snippet's have been added to your web site the RFE forms will be displayed and applications can be made instantly.

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