The History of

Having trained as an IFA in 1990, Lee went on to successfully develop an online financial advisory business "" during the Internet boom of the late nineties early noughties, growing revenues from £30,000 a year to £10 million over a ten year period.

Lee managed to secure the financial underwriting to float the business aged 30 in 2002 as one of the youngest ever CEO's on the London Stock Exchange (AIM).

The business went on to employ 100's of financial advisers and support staff around the country until it was later sold, along with 100,000+ very happy clients to a Lloyds Development Capital backed business in 2008, completing just a matter of weeks before the run on the banks and credit crunch that followed.

Back in 2004, Lee noticed that the Internet was starting to gain real momentum as advertising budgets were rapidly moving away from traditional TV, radio and newspapers and towards the Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo in the form of pay per click (PPC) advertising spend.

Lee identified an opportunity to create a new type of shared risk, shared reward media and software business, that would help prop up the newspapers declining advertising revenues and generate new business/leads for his advisers.

The rapidly changing advertising landscape created a unique opportunity and was born!

Even with a declining demand for in-paper advertising, the newspapers still had to fill the papers with adverts and a lot of distressed advertising space that they couldn't sell at rate card was becoming available.

Lee persuaded the likes of The Times and others to place the adverts for free and in return, the newspapers would be paid a 50% share of any commissions earned from their enquiries.

The 50/50 revenue share model is the back bone of the Trumpo pay per transaction (PPT) platform and still transacts via the web on the same commercial terms today.

To develop the Trumpo PPT platform needs some pretty special brain power. Lee managed to secure the services of Chief Technical Officer Tony Hewison who joined the team in 2006.

Tony became a shareholder and Director in 2009. Tony has experience of running large development teams for Merrill Lynch and Legal & General so runs a very tight technical ship whilst also being commercially savvy.

In 2010, Trumpo started to attract very flattering attention from outside investment teams.

Following a number of meetings with different prospective investors, we welcomed a proven team of 4 individual investors, all bringing a wealth of complimentary experience to the table, particularly in the software and data intelligence space.

The additional resources enabled us to recruit our other key team member Phil Robinson, who has a wealth of experience in infrastructure and design, and is responsible for maintaining and developing our web assets.

Whilst we still deal with the traditional media, the majority of our developing business relationships are with savvy media groups and forward thinking advisory businesses. We also like to have as much fun as possible!